SCOM 1801 has been relased

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Yesterday the news finally came, System Center 1801 has been relased. An with that, of course SCOM 1801.

This is the first release in the new Semi-Annual Channel which will release twice a year while the Long-Term Servicing Channel will be released at a much lower cadence. But what´s the difference between these two tracks? The Semi-Annual Channel

  • You will receive the latest updates and features with releases twice a year
  • Each build (1801,1807 etc.) is supported for 18 months, then you must move to a newer build
  • New features added (all the new features will be put into this channel)

The Long-Term Servicing Channel

  • You will receive new versions at a much slower pace (think SCOM 2012 and SCOM 2016 as an example)
  • 5 years of mainstream support and 5 years of extended support
  • Update Rollups only, mostly fixes and probably around zero new features added

So what´s new in SCOM 1801 then? The list of news;

  • Enhancements in performance that for example allow for the console to continue to respond while a management pack is imported, deleted or changed. ”Updates and Recommendations” that were launched with SCOM 2016 now includes third-party products based on customer feedback.
  • Log file monitoring for Linux/UNIX servers. With the support for FluentD you can now monitor Linux/Unix logs just as well as you can monitor Windows server logs. Some of the news is that you can now use wildcards in the log names and directories.
  • Added support for Kerberos authentication between management servers and Linux/Unix servers. This adds to the security since you no longer need to activate ”basic authentication” for Windows Remote Management (WinRM).
  • Integration between Operations Manager and Service Map, which is a part of Operations Management Suite (OMS). This integration gives you the ability to automatically map your applications and have distributed applications automatically generated (and maintained) in SCOM.
  • Support for installing SCOM on Windows Server 1709. Note that 1709 is Core-only. There is no GUI available in this version, instead you should be looking at “Project Honolulu” for remote management.
  • A completely new way of upgrading SCOM to newer versions (YY/MM) directly from within the Operations Console.
  • And last, but not in any way the least. A completely re-rebuilt all HTML5 web console with no dependencies to Silverlight! (Finally!) You can now create your own dashboards inside the web console stored in a management pack of your choice, which makes it easy to export and backup those dashboards to be re-used. This new console will work in several different web browsers since there are no Silverlight dependencies. See an example below.

How can I upgrade to SCOM 1801? 1801 supports an in-place upgrade from the following versions:

  • System Center 2012 R2 UR12 to the latest update rollup
  • System Center 2016 RTM to the latest update rollup

Update: It seems there was a typo in the documentation when I originally wrote this post saying that 2012 R2 RTM could be upgraded to 1801. That´s wrong, you MUST be at least on UR12 to be able to upgrade to 1801.

Summary I will check more into this new release in the near feature as I already have a number of posts planned about it. In the meantime, if you have any questions, just add a comment below and I´ll get back as soon as possible.