Test the perfomance of a SQL query using SCOM

When it comes to replacing an old monitoring solution with SCOM, quite often there are some custom built monitors used in the old system. Since the monitors are always different, of course there are multiple solutions to replacing them with similar ones in SCOM. In this post I´m focusing on how to set up a regular SQL Query that’s running towards a database to check the response times of the query. This possibility doesn’t require any additional Management Packs, It´s built into SCOM and can be found under Authoring -> Management Pack Templates -> OLE DB Data Source. Continue reading

Setting up the brand new Office 365 Management Pack for SCOM

During TechEd North America which took place in Houston in May, the OpsMgr product team gave us a sneak peek of the upcoming Office 365 Management Pack. This is something that I´m getting more and more questions about so this announcement just made me even happier about attending the session. So, yesterday when i got back from a week of vacation Microsoft had provided me with a gift by releasing the Management Pack last week. So what to do you may ask? The answer is simple, Try it out of course to see what it can do 🙂
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Group your virtual machines in SCOM

For a while, I´ve been struggling with a problem when configuring Operations Manager. As a consultant, I run into a lot of different issues to solve and one day isn’t like the other. However, this doesn’t mean I never run into the same issue twice. My problem have been to group all virtual machines in Operations Manager several times now. This is easy, at least if your VM´s are running on Hyper-V. So, what if you’re running your virtual machines on VMware? After having imported the management pack for Windows Server, there is a property named “Virtual Machine” that you can include in the views that comes with the MP or your custom views. This property however is only populated by Hyper-V machines leaving the VMware VM´s outside.
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Backup unsealed Management Packs in SCOM

When Operations Manager has been up and running for a while, a couple of overrides MP’s are created that we don´t want to lose. A while back, I wrote a blog post about how to schedule a backup of the custom MP’s using Powershell and Task Scheduler. Since that script were a bit longer than necessary, I decided to erase some lines of code to make it an easier script. If you want to read the old blog post, you can find it here.

So what does the script do?

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