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Capacity planning in Azure Operational Insights

When i moved my blog around new years eve i mentioned that I´m going to look more into Azure in this blog and one thing that I´ve written about earlier is Azure Operational Insights. If you´ve been around for a while, it might not come as a chock that I like working with OpInsights and to combine it with our on-prem SCOM. When working with OpInsights, we use Intelligence Packs to gather data and most of the Intelligence Packs available on this date don´t need any additional configuration on-prem to function. However, if you want to use the “Capacity Planning” intelligence pack there are some requirements to fulfill before being able to gather data from your on-prem environment. What´s needed is Operations Manager, Virtual Machine Manager and a connection between those two and that´s the first part I will go through how to do.
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Setup Veeams coming Management Pack for Hyper-V

For those of you that have read my blog for a while, it may not come as a shock that I´ve earlier looked into Veeams Management Pack for VMware. I´ve written a couple of posts about this MP and now the turn has come to their coming MP for Hyper-V. If you´ve ever imported Microsofts free Hyper-V MP, you might not be overly impressed by the possibilities there is in the MP. The free MP discovers your Hyper-V hosts, virtual machines and your networks but that´s pretty much it. The picture below shows what you can look into from the Monitoring pane and these views are great with the basic monitoring but what if I want more?
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