Microsoft Ignite

About 10 months ago i flew out to Houston, Texas to attend TechEd North America 2014. Now, I´ve been given the possibility to also attend this years event. This time, It´s called Microsoft Ignite and that´s a really big change since last year. TechEd is no more and instead of hosting multiple events, Microsoft have made a fusion of several events and is now hosting one big event instead.
The past MS conferences of the fusion is:

  • Microsoft Management Summit (last held in 2013)
  • TechEd (last held in Barcelona in the fall of 2014)
  • Sharepoint conference
  • Lync conference
  • Project conference

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System Center Advisor is now Azure Operational Insights

Yesterday during the keynote at TechEd Europe in Barcelona, Microsoft announced the preview of Azure Operational Insigts. For those of you that saw the presentation and thought that looked a lot like Advisor, you´re not wrong. The Advisor Preview is now Azure Operational Insights instead. I´ve been running the Advisor Preview since i attended TechEd North America in Houston this spring and now that Microsoft announced Azure Operational Insights instead I thought i should take a look at some new features.  Continue reading

Set up the new System Center Advisor preview

For those of you who were attending or following TechEd North America I Houston last week, it may not come as a surprise that during an Operations Manager breakout session the new System Center Advisor presented. So far, all that is available is a limited preview but I managed to register in the preview so this post will cover how to set up the preview to communicate with your on-premise Operations Manager management group.
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TechEd North America 2014, day 1 has come to an end

So, finally TechEd North America 2014 has begun. This time, we´re in Houston, Texas (The lone star state) and the event goes on from today until this thursday. For some of us though, the event started yesterday with the pre-conference where ten sessions were delivered through out the day but the event didn´t officially start until today.

The first day at TechEd

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TechEd North America 2014 is right around the corner

Today it is just a week left until TechEd North America 2014 opens up in Houston, Texas when Brad Anderson delivers his keynote on stage in front of all the attendees. For those of us that registered for the pre-conference, the event will kick-start one day earlier on this coming Sunday with several tracks. I´m really looking forward to this event and i think it will be great.

It can be quite tricky to plan the sessions since there are so much to see. I will at least try to attend as many Operations Manager breakout sessions as I can so if you are interested in my blog, that´s where you´ll find me 🙂
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