Meet the Microsoft Operations Management Suite

This monday during the keynote of Microsoft Ignite in Chicago, Satya Nadella announced the new “Operations Management Suite” which is the new name for Azure Operational Insights. What´s new with this cloud solution other than the name is the fact that this no longer just contains log analytics and the things we´ve seen before. It is now also the place where you will manage your Azure backup jobs, Azure Site Recovery and Automation. When it comes to onboarding, it´s the exact same process as there was to onboard Azure Operational Insights (and System Center Advisor before that) and there are still two ways to connect the servers to the solution.
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Capacity planning in Azure Operational Insights

When i moved my blog around new years eve i mentioned that I´m going to look more into Azure in this blog and one thing that I´ve written about earlier is Azure Operational Insights. If you´ve been around for a while, it might not come as a chock that I like working with OpInsights and to combine it with our on-prem SCOM. When working with OpInsights, we use Intelligence Packs to gather data and most of the Intelligence Packs available on this date don´t need any additional configuration on-prem to function. However, if you want to use the “Capacity Planning” intelligence pack there are some requirements to fulfill before being able to gather data from your on-prem environment. What´s needed is Operations Manager, Virtual Machine Manager and a connection between those two and that´s the first part I will go through how to do.
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Connect servers directly to Azure Operational Insights

If you´ve been around my blog for a while, you might have seen my post about how to onboard the new System Center Advisor Preview which Microsoft made available during a session at TechEd North America. What´s happened since then is that the product has got a new name, Azure Operational Insights. The product still has the same looks and functions but it better suits Microsoft´s vision of moving to Azure.
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System Center Advisor is now Azure Operational Insights

Yesterday during the keynote at TechEd Europe in Barcelona, Microsoft announced the preview of Azure Operational Insigts. For those of you that saw the presentation and thought that looked a lot like Advisor, you´re not wrong. The Advisor Preview is now Azure Operational Insights instead. I´ve been running the Advisor Preview since i attended TechEd North America in Houston this spring and now that Microsoft announced Azure Operational Insights instead I thought i should take a look at some new features.  Continue reading

Set up the new System Center Advisor preview

For those of you who were attending or following TechEd North America I Houston last week, it may not come as a surprise that during an Operations Manager breakout session the new System Center Advisor presented. So far, all that is available is a limited preview but I managed to register in the preview so this post will cover how to set up the preview to communicate with your on-premise Operations Manager management group.
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