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Creating dynamic Distributed Applications in SCOM

For the past two years or so I have been talking a lot about how to monitor business services, and most of the time I have done this with Savision Live Maps as a great solution for this. But what about those that haven´t invested in Live Maps? Are they left out of this great way of monitoring? The short answer to this question is no.

When using Live Maps to monitor the services we´re using Distributed Applications which is a big part of SCOM and has been for a long time now. A while ago a colleague of mine, Mats Augustsson came up with a brilliant idea of how to make dynamic Distributed Applications (DA´s) a lot easier (and better). Often when creating DA´s you´re pointing out single objects to include in the service which of course is a great way of doing it, but it doesn´t make it easy to maintain.

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SCOM reporting made easy and intuitive

A couple of weeks ago I started working for a new company which I wrote about here and I am now the product manager for OMS with a focus on Log Analytics and Azure Automation.
However, this does´nt mean I have given up on SCOM just to focus on OMS.

I am just as passionate about SCOM as I´ve been before and you will see some of that in this post. Since I started working for Approved Consulting I have had the opportunity to start digging into the analytic tool they have been developing during the last year.
Some of you may have seen some of it before in a copuple of postings made at ITServiceAnalytics (ITSA), but I will now start digging into the different parts of it to show what you can do with it.

In this first posting, I will do some performance reporting using SCOM reporting but I will also show how it´s done using ITSA to show the different ways to generate reports. For all of this to be nice and easy, we are using a Distributed Application for a sales platform with all of its components.

It´s been created using Savision Live Maps but still, a regular Distributed Application that we can use to generate reports. You don´t have to use a DA for this to work, but it sure makes it a lot easier as you can filter your data in a complete different way.
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Savision Webinar: Migrate to SCOM 2016

If you are planning to migrate to SCOM 2016, then you can’t miss out on Savision’s upcoming live session featuring 3 industry experts:

  • Microsoft Product Manager – Mahesh Narayanan
  • MVP John Joyner
  • MVP Bob Cornelissen

During the session, the experts will cover what’s new in SCOM 2016 and best practices on how to migrate to SCOM 2016. It will feature live demos and a Q&A session where you can ask the experts anything you need to know about SCOM 2016.

To register for the session, click here.

Savision webinars: How-to aggregate and analyze data from monitoring & ITSM systems

You cannot miss the upcoming live online sessions that Savision will be hosting which will walk you through the process of improving your IT operations within your organization. They will show you how to obtain a holistic view of your IT environment by connecting your already in place ITSM & Monitoring systems. They will show you how to aggregate and analyze dispersed data from systems like SCOM, Azure, SolarWinds, Nagios, ServiceNow, with more to come.

If you want to unify your teams, then don’t miss out on these sessions where you:
– Will be introduced to Savision’s newest Business Service Intelligence solution, Unity iQ which allows you aggregate and analyze dispersed data from systems like SCOM, Azure, SolarWinds, Nagios, ServiceNow, with more to come.
– Learn how to connect your IT, the helpdesk and the business departments
– Learn how to define your organization’s IT Maturity level, improve it and benchmark it against competitors
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FREE Whitepaper on OMS – Born in the Cloud: Monitoring Linux Workloads with OMS

FREE Whitepaper on OMS – Born in the Cloud: Monitoring Linux Workloads with OMS

Download the whitepaper here

IT Professionals are using a plethora of tools to build a complete monitoring solution in order to keep their datacenters healthy and operational. Powered by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform, Operations Management Suite (OMS) provides more predictive & analytical capabilities to keep your data center healthy.

Savision’s newest whitepaper focuses on monitoring Linux workloads with OMS for analytics, proactive monitoring and resource utilization in your heterogeneous data center environment. The whitepaper is written by Microsoft MVP Janaka Rangama: ‘Born in the Cloud: Monitoring Linux Workloads with OMS‘, and provides insights on how organizations can combine the existing System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) environments with OMS to gain control over modern hybrid clouds. In addition, you will learn how you can extend OMS with business service management information to ensure you can directly know how all that detailed log data impacts your business and service levels.

With this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • What Microsoft Operations Management Suite is and how it can simplify data center management.
  • How to leverage OMS Log Analytics to analyze, predict and protect your Linux workloads.
  • How to integrate System Center Operations Manager with OMS for extended monitoring.
  • How to harness the power of Business Service Management with Savision’s Live Maps Unity using Microsoft OMS.

You can download the whitepaper here.

Download my new whitepaper: The cloud and my on-prem investments, a perfect match?

As most people working in IT and who has done so for a while knows, there is a “new” thing called the cloud which have taken more place than earlier. When talking about “the cloud”, some questions show up almost every time like what is the difference between a public and a private cloud? Why should I use the cloud?

Another question that shows up more frequent is whether my on-prem investments in System Center are useless now that I have the cloud right “over my head”? What about my recent investments in new hardware which is being managed by System Center or simply in System Center itself? Yes, the cloud will deliver new servers within minutes but that doesn’t mean you investments are in vain. The unlimited resources of the cloud come real handy in different scenarios; one scenario can be when you are about to get new hardware and in this case you may just as well put your servers in the cloud while another scenario brings you to a hybrid solution where you extend your datacenter up into the cloud. This way, you can take advantage of the scalability of the cloud and only use those servers you put up there when needed.

Download your free copy of the whitepaper here.
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Savision Webinars on the brand new Live Maps 7.5 release

Savision just released their newest version of Live Maps Unity, which adds great new features to the best solution that I know of that helps monitor business services. With their latest release of Live Maps Unity 7.5, this is taken to yet another level, and to show you how, they will be hosting two webinars in the upcoming weeks. The webinars will serve to introduce the new features and to demo how they work.

The webinars will be presented by Dennis Rietvink, Savision’s co-Founder and VP of Product Management. After the webinars, Savision will be raffling a pair of HiFi Philips Headphones among the attendees so don´t miss out on this opportunity.
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End user transaction monitoring using SCOM and Live Maps

When you have invested in Live Maps from Savision, you´ve opened up a whole new world with great opportunities of monitoring your business services. One of the first things many people associate Live Maps with is the service map where all the business services are displayed along with their status. This map displays not only the service name itself, but also three (hey, there are four you may think. The fourth is the “related services” section) different categories displayed. The three categories are End user components, Application components and Infrastructure components. In this blog post, I´ll show how we can use the Operations Manager web console to display it as an end user component in a previously created business service covering Operations Manager and its parts. To be able to set this up correctly, I need an account with read-only rights (minimum) to Operations Manager which I´ve already created and have had the rights assigned to it.
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A deep dive into Savision Live Maps Unity dashboards

As you may already know Savision with its products adds another level of functionality to the System Center suite by letting us take that extra step in managing our IT environment. If you´ve been around and have followed this blog for a while, you may already have seen my last blog where I showed a couple of custom dashboards created in the solution with the appropriate name, “Dashboards”. In that post I took advantage of the opportunity to pick up whichever data exists in the Operations Manager operational database by composing a SQL query. If you haven´t read the post, it can be found here.
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Savision Whitepaper and webinar about cloud adoption

If your organization is thinking about moving to the Cloud, then you should check out the new whitepapers that Savision has released, written by MVP Alessandro Cardoso. The whitepapers will show you all the details about Cloud Adoption: the challenges in deployment, management and automation phases including tips and considerations that you need to consider before, during and after the process of adopting the Cloud. To complement the whitepapers, there will also be webinars hosted by MVP Alessandro Cardoso.

You can download the whitepapers and register for the complementary webinars now:

Whitepaper from a business perspective: ‘Investing in the Cloud: Assessing IT & Business Requirements’ Whitepaper & Webinar

The Cloud approach addresses elastic scale, agility, costs and time to market, by allowing organizations not only to deploy a solution quickly but also to scale up/down based on demand. Cloud adoption is sky rocketing, there’s no doubt about it. However, when it comes to investments in the Cloud, how are you planning and assessing business and IT requirements?

Webinar: September 9 at 9:00 am CEST | 5:00 pm AEST

Whitepaper from a technical perspective: ‘The Technical Challenges of Cloud Adoption’ Whitepaper & Webinar

The Cloud can be a powerful platform and many organizations are building their business processes around Cloud capabilities as it addresses elasticity, agility, costs and time to market. Today, the decision to invest in cloud solutions has shifted to include other business units (e.g. HR, Finance, Marketing and Sales), each with their own business goals, services levels and IT needs. But how well can you ensure an optimal deployment, management, automation and user experience in the cloud?

Webinar: Tuesday, September 8 at  9:00 am, CEST | 5:00 pm

Find out more and register here at Savision´s web page.