New challenges ahead

So the time has come for me to move one more time, this time I´m leaving Lumagate where I´ve been for the past 8 months.

As of this Wednesday I´m a part of Approved Consulting instead, a company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. My role at Approved will be to keep working on the business service monitoring concept and all that comes along with it using Operations Manager, but I will also be responsible for Operations Management Suite, to drive that area forward in the company and with our customers.

Our primary focus when it comes to OMS will be within Log Analytics and Azure Automation to monitor the workloads of our customers. This is something that I´m really passionate about and I look forward to keep digging in it.

And of course I will also get into the IT Service Analytics solution that Approved has developed, which helps you predict what’s going to happen in your datacenter.

If you´re interested in knowing more, I will still be based in the southern parts of Sweden so just let me know if you´re interested in getting more information about what we can do.

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