New year, new challenges

As most of you probably have noticed, the year 2015 have now switched to 2016 and January have turned to February once again. This year, something quite different happened around new years eve when I signed an employment contract with a new company.

As of today, February 15 I am no longer a part of TDC Sweden which have been my “home base” now for about a year. Instead I am from today a part of Lumagate where I will continue working with the awesome stuff I´ve been working on before, such as SCOM, OMS and Azure Automation. So to my friends and former colleagues at TDC, good luck and see you again in this small world.

This is a completely new chapter which I´m really looking forward to, it is also partly why there has been a bit of silence on the blog for the past few weeks with lot of things to wrap up before going over to my new position.

Keep your eyes open for more content on OMS and Azure etc. in the coming future.