Welcome to my new blog

So, 2014 has now turned into 2015 and a new year full of opportunites has revealed itself. The biggest change is that I now work for TDC Sweden instead of Viridis IT which were bought by TDC in the fall of 2014. Since we´ll be moving over to TDC.se in the future, I moved my blog to my own again so this is where all of my new posts will be seen.

The content of the old blog has been migrated along with the images and links so every post should be working properly but if you see something not working, please leave a comment on the faulty post or send me an e-mail at Daniel[at]Orneling[dot]se

I hope you will keep reading my blog and if you´r receiving my updates via RSS, you can find the new feed to the right. The domain is still the same that I´ve been using since the start but the new address is blog.orneling.se.

Welcome to my new blog and a happy new year!

See you during 2015! 🙂

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