New look – Still the same blog

To those of you who has been around since i launched this blog about a year agon, this visit may seem a bit odd. As I´ve mentioned in one of my previous posts, the blog were going through a major change in the near future. This has now happened and my blog “Operations Manager from my Point of View” has now moved, got a new name and got a new better look.

What has been done is that I´ve moved the blog to our new (just a couple of days old) company web site to hopefully reach out to more people and get the better look that it deserves. All of my previous posts have followed in the move and the domain is still in use as a forwarder to the new blog.

So adjust your RSS feeds and remember the address as where you will find news and guides about Operations Manager 🙂

I hope you will find this change positive and of course, welcome!