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New and fresh dashboards straight out of the oven

When I first “met” Dashboards a couple of months back, I immediately thought “I like this” and that it was something that would complement SCOM in a really nice way when it comes to creating custom views/dashboards. One of the dashboards I liked the most during the beta was the one called “Computer Health & Dashboards” which you can see below. This view was then missing in the final release of Dashboards and apparently I´m not the only one that’s been missing the dashboard. In this version I´m using below, it´ll be back with It´s full force J.

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Assigning user roles to separate Live Maps services

As you all (hopefully) know, Live Maps Unity is a way to extend the monitoring with Operations Manager into looking at the application level instead of just looking at different components. It´s a great way to visualize the services and the status of those and it gives us the opportunity to, in an easy way find out about SLA levels of both the services but also the underlying layers of the service.

One of the main things I´ve run into when working with Live Maps and business service management is the ability to show the services dashboard on a separate screen. When working with one of my customers, there were some main requirements to take care of.
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New Savision Whitepaper – Is Operations Manager still relevant in the world of the Cloud?


The addition of the Cloud has truly changed how we monitor in Microsoft solutions. In this whitepaper, Microsoft MVP Cameron Fuller will answer the question: Is OpsMgr still relevant in the Cloud?

To answer the question, MVP Cameron Fuller covers the following topics in this whitepaper:

  • A history of Operations Manager and what conclusions we can draw from that history
  • Cloud first, mobile first, and it’s impacts on System Center
  • The Microsoft Operations Management Suite and how it compares with Operations Manager
  • Monitoring available within Azure, and solutions to monitor Azure
  • The Cloud Platform Stack, WAP, and Azure Stack
  • Architecting Operations Manager to run in the cloud

You can download the whitepaper by Microsoft MVP Cameron Fuller here.

There will be two webinars hosted as well on this subject.

The webinars will take place on July 21st and 28th, respectively:

  • EU Webinar – Tuesday, July 21st 3:30 PM CEST | 9:30 AM EDT
  • US Webinar – Tuesday, July 28th 8:00 PM CEST | 2:00 PM EDT

They will be co-hosted by Dennis Rietvink, Savision’s co-founder and VP of Product Management.

If any of the dates aren´t convenient, you can still sign up and receive the on-demand version once it´s made available.

Sign up for any of the webinars here

System Center 2016 Operations Manager – What´s new

So as i mentioned in my last post, I was one of the lucky 23.000 persons who got to attend Microsoft Ignite in Chicago where IT professionals, exhibitors and Microsoft came together in a large conference to share all the news and to meet new people. Since I´m a SCOM fanatic and have been for a long time, I want to share some of the news that came up during the week on what we can expect from System Center 2016 Operations Manager.
Below is just a summary of what´s to come, I will evaluate the news in upcoming posts to give you a hint on what to expect.
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Savision Dashboards

For many of us out there Savision has until now been similar to Live Maps Unity, a Business Service Management solution. This solution is a great product as it gives us a clear visualization of our business services together with SCOM. But wouldn’t it be great to also have some ready-made dashboards along with the possibility to create your own fancy dashboards? That day when that’s available has come as Savision just a few days back made their new product “Dashboards” publicly available.
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Savision Dashboards

For some time now, I´ve been blogging both for and about Savision Live Maps on my own blog and Savisions blog which you can find here. If you´ve been following my blogging it may not come as a shock that I´m really into what can be done with Live Maps. It not only offers a great Service Management Solution, but also the ability to (easily) build fancy views over our server racks etc. The latest buzz from Savision is about their up-coming product Dashboards. Since the start of this buzz I´ve been in line to download it as soon as it´s available and last week I got an e-mail about a public beta. Ten minutes later, I had it downloaded. Continue reading

Visualize services and SLAs using SCOM and Live Maps

Operations Manager is to some people just known as a monitoring tool which can help you monitor your servers and applications. The monitoring can go really deep into both OS and applications to give you a real overview of your environment and you will also be warned when something´s about to go wrong followed by a critical alert if not taken care of. When you run your services and applications, such as web shops or other business critical systems you would want to know the status and availability of these services to be sure that they are up and running as supposed. Continue reading