Savision Whitepaper and webinar about cloud adoption

If your organization is thinking about moving to the Cloud, then you should check out the new whitepapers that Savision has released, written by MVP Alessandro Cardoso. The whitepapers will show you all the details about Cloud Adoption: the challenges in deployment, management and automation phases including tips and considerations that you need to consider before, during and after the process of adopting the Cloud. To complement the whitepapers, there will also be webinars hosted by MVP Alessandro Cardoso.

You can download the whitepapers and register for the complementary webinars now:

Whitepaper from a business perspective: ‘Investing in the Cloud: Assessing IT & Business Requirements’ Whitepaper & Webinar

The Cloud approach addresses elastic scale, agility, costs and time to market, by allowing organizations not only to deploy a solution quickly but also to scale up/down based on demand. Cloud adoption is sky rocketing, there’s no doubt about it. However, when it comes to investments in the Cloud, how are you planning and assessing business and IT requirements?

Webinar: September 9 at 9:00 am CEST | 5:00 pm AEST

Whitepaper from a technical perspective: ‘The Technical Challenges of Cloud Adoption’ Whitepaper & Webinar

The Cloud can be a powerful platform and many organizations are building their business processes around Cloud capabilities as it addresses elasticity, agility, costs and time to market. Today, the decision to invest in cloud solutions has shifted to include other business units (e.g. HR, Finance, Marketing and Sales), each with their own business goals, services levels and IT needs. But how well can you ensure an optimal deployment, management, automation and user experience in the cloud?

Webinar: Tuesday, September 8 at  9:00 am, CEST | 5:00 pm

Find out more and register here at Savision´s web page.

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